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2020 material exploration of the polarizing film


Chameleon is an exploration of the material called "polarizing film" in a class (KAIST ID506 Media Interaction Design) led by Prof. Woohun Lee.


polarizing films and OPP films on acrylic gears rotating by servo motor, 2020

The polarizing film is used by many makers because of its magical effect of turning views black with transparent films. While previous works have succeeded in creating unexpected visual impact, their focus on dual layers of the polarizing film is raising questions about its incomplete exploration of the material. Some use additional layers between polarizing films, such as OPP(oriented polypropylene) film, creating a color-changing effect. However, these works are static and function as just decorative elements. I present Chameleon, a transparent shape-changing physical interface achieving a color-changing effect using polarization and refraction of polarizing film and OPP film. I explored the polarizing film and OPP film in its restriction of color representation and different shapes as the basis for the controllable interface. I propose a layered gear mechanism with polarizing film and OPP film as a module that can be replicated into various graphics.


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