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Group exhibition (Seongsil Ryu/ Hye-young Jo / Iida Choi / Minki Hong) curated by artist collective Eobchae and funded by Zer01ne


<Lapses> is a digital race(exhibition) with the screen of smart devices and web environment(LAPSES.KR) as a running track.

The four runners(artists) - Seongsil Ryu, Hye-young Jo, Iida Choi, and Minki Hong - raced 12 times a week from July 1, 2018, to September 16, 2018, producing a 10-second video each week.

For this relay race, the artist collective Eobchae constructed and provided a track in the form of a website (LAPSES.KR) and broadcasted it.

In this exhibition, the stadium format was adapted to reproduce past races played on the web physically. Based on the thumbnails of a total of 48 clips, about 8 minutes, accumulated over 12 weeks, each runner's running track was produced. On the electronic display, the clips are played sequentially.

The below image and clip are extracted from my work <Measurer>.


> Project page: Web

> Artist collective Eobchae: Instagram

> Artist Sungsil Ryu : Web

> Artist Iida Choi: Instagram

> Artist Minki Hong: Web


This project was funded by ZER01NE, Hyundai CRADLE's open innovation platform.


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